Consciously we are evolving through many different trends and since the era of the internet the changes can become more frequent and drastic. The whole idea of beauty has always changed with the times and the newest trends, but these last few years we have been led by a different type of personality instilling their will on the population.
We had the glamour of Hollywood in the twenties, thirties and forties, with the coming of the designers and models coming through in the sixties and seventies. Early eighties tended to be more linked to the pop culture and designer model style fashion. Early nineties we saw the beach babe culture take off with the more dramatic styling of the person with plastic surgery, to become more attractive.
Or more, the idea of attractive was being led by what we were watching on TV, this is when Harley street became known for the plastics that could perk up not only your breasts!
Since then the Aesthetic industry has developed into a multi million pound industry, helping to rearrange ones person into the vision of what you personally think is beautiful.
This is quite unfortunate, in many ways as we have seen in the past, trends change very quickly. And as individuals seem to be led mainly at this time by the snap chat, Instagram facebook understanding of beautiful, they are looking to belong to the culture of this time.
Never has it been more paramount than now to understand the beauty of oneself and know where you stand in your world and who you are. Truly. We most definitely do not need to conform to anyone else’s idea of beauty.
Beauty does come from within. It shines like a beacon, emanating from you when your in confidence and ease with yourself. Its so unfortunate that the above list of online social gatherings do nothing for the youth of our society other than, as it seems to me, give false messages, insecurities, inconsistencies, and a completely manufactured life which I have seen to be complete lies from many.
People who have lost soul purpose other than to appear to have it all, be it all etc have a very unhealthy lifestyle to live up to. We only have to look down our timeline to see the people who have fallen from limelight along the way, after being on the front page of publications at one time, it’s the same now as the so called influencer section of society now.
Times are changing very quickly, and our health now has taken the front pages rather than the so called beauty of someone’s transformation under the syringe. Thank God. Things have to change for the better and our earth now has given itself a breather by bringing the virus through the population.
The beauty now can be seen not only of our planet being able to breathe again, our seas blue and the wonder of the bumble bees and butterflies and our beautiful blue skies.
But more importantly Of the kindness and beauty of our humanity, clambering to help from scientists to front line workers, all showing their true beauty, shining their light brightly feeling their purpose, the true beauty is of human spirit.

Loraine Doherty
25th March 2020

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