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Specialising in training aesthetic skin treatments.

Teaching Light and laser, radio frequency and nano currents in developing the skins cell turnover, collagen and elastin production increasing the youthfulness and appearance of skin.

But what is actually happening?

Why does using heat change the skin?

What can be used on burn scars?

How can I get rid of Acne?

What tests can be used for food intolerances?

Each one of us have questions as we learn new techniques, Running training and workshops for over 15 years, working within the beauty/aesthetic industry for over 40 years, a working lifetime of knowledge has been accumulated.

My name is Loraine, my working life has been in and around the industry of Beauty, these last 20 years specialising in technology of light to help with skin problems. Yet, when dealing with clients, I have worked on many issues that have arisen from our therapy sessions. Through wanting to completely understand the working of emotions within the body, I have studied many aspects from nutrition and life coaching, worked with a Tibetan herbal doctor in the Himalayas, developed natural skincare creams which help emotional balance, did emotional intelligence course ran by Derby university, and still learning…

We as therapists are the person our client comes to for help and to feel better about themselves. Some clients just need the therapy of touch, many need to off load, then again we get the ones that are going through very big times of change this is when they require the extra care or treatment from us. Skin breaks out, dries up, something erupts…

Johns whole body erupted in a kind of eczema! He came over 25 years ago and I remember the day, Saturday. He wanted a back massage, needed touch. I did a back massage but more than that allowed him to talk. He talked about a bullying campaign within the bank structure in which he worked. He didn’t want to tell his wife as she would worry, many things he talked about that hour, he left and said he felt lighter.

The suggestion was for him to come back the following week and for 6 sessions in all. Each time he came he looked brighter and by the finish of the 3 rd session he was going for an interview the following week for a different job!

By the 5th treatment the legs and arms along with back had nearly cleared up and he had the offer of a new job on the table.

On his final treatment he talked about his marriage and was going to discuss things with his wife that day! This man needed to talk and that’s what we facilitate as a therapist. The healing is done by the body and mind in these type of skin problems, we just have to help with ideas, examples or information to help the body along the way.

Not all skin problems are as responsive as this one but there are many ways with our technology now available we can help to achieve a CONCIOUS level of development for your clients. By using listening skills our clients tell us much, and listening is a very important aspect of every consultation and treatment! Our job is to guide, develop our client/therapist relationship to achieve a result for our client which brings about happiness and confidence for them and us.

We are living now in a society which lives on selfies and ageing is a process which can be reversed at some levels, many are feeling the stress of living and not feeling their best self!

The courses I train to levels 4,5,6 laser/ light, anatomy and physiology, medical microneedling, medical peels and mesotherapy in clinical/salon environment and My New Skin Coach Programme has been written to encourage people to find the beauty within which grows with age!

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